Six more people have died from injuries sustained in explosions that occurred in Hyesan recently and two others are in critical condition at a local hospital, Daily NK has learned.

A source in Yanggang Province told Daily NK today that the six people died yesterday night at a hospital in the city. All six were reportedly still unconscious when they died.

The additional deaths mean that a total of 15 people have died due to the incident.

Daily NK reported yesterday that six people had died in the explosions, and three more had died after being transported to the hospital.

According to the source, it is “highly likely” that two others who suffered from third-degree burns in the incident will die. Their relatives intend to do whatever possible to save them – even paying their own money to have medicines delivered to them intravenously; however, both patients are reportedly in critical condition.

Around 10 others suffered from injuries to their necks, arms, faces and other areas from glass breaking during the explosions, according to the source.

The head of the Organization and Guidance Department in the Hyesan Party Committee is leading efforts to cleanup debris from the site of the incident in cooperation with the Tapsong District Party Committee, the Hyesan Party Committee’s Urban Housing Department, and the city’s Building Repair Office.

Teams from the city’s Ministry of Social Security office were sent to the incident site at around 4 PM yesterday to prevent locals from approaching the site. The teams are reportedly confiscating the cellphones of anyone trying to take pictures of the destroyed buildings.

News of the incident spread quickly in the city because many people heard and witnessed the explosions. Some who witnessed the incident recalled scenes of buildings demolished by (American) bombs in North Korean movies about the Korean War, known in the country as the Great Fatherland Liberation War.

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