Pyongyang Plans 100,000 New Homes

The North Korean authorities have announced that they will build 100,000 households in Pyongyang as part of the project to construct a strong and prosperous state by 2012, and Rodong Shinmun, the publication of the Chosun (North Korea) Workers’ Party, has encouraged the people to create a miracle in its editorial, “Create Something out of Nothing!”

Rodong Shinmun stressed the words of Kim Jong Il on Monday, saying, “Achieving a great victory on waste land with our bare hands is in the glorious tradition of our Party and revolution.”

It emphasized, “It will be literally a miracle of incredible progress beyond our imaginations. The speed of our country’s development is astounding, and the world is paying attention to it.”

It went on to try and inspire the people, “The day of victory is just around the corner. When cannons are fired to celebrate the victorious creation of the strong and prosperous state in 2012, we will be able to say that we are the brave veterans of the Battle.”

It concluded, “All factory workers and members of the Party should be united in order to raise a great revolutionary tide of victory in the 150-Day Battle.”

Regardless of the breathless encouragement of the North Korean state media, the 150-Day Battle is reportedly not going at all well due to planning and supply failures, according to Daily NK sources.