Pyongyang Kids Learn the New Song

In Pyongyang elementary schools, teachers have been teaching their students “The Song of General Kim Jong Woon.”

A Japanese source released a rumor to Daily NK on Thursday, “On the 6th, in a few elementary schools in Pyongyang, students learned ‘The Song of General Kim Jong Woon.’ The lyrics contain such mainstays of idolization as ‘gallant steps’ and ‘the General of Mt. Baekdu.’

The source reported, “Students said that they had to memorize the song, otherwise teachers wouldn’t let them go home. In Pyongyang schools, the authorities have been trying to arouse an atmosphere of succession.”

He added, “Teaching his song in schools is the same as confirming him as the successor.”

According to the source, a new army slogan, “Let’s escort the Morning Star General, heir to the lineage of Mt. Beakdu, the Young General, and General Kim Jong Woon with one heart,” has spread.

Although Kim Jong Woon’s real age is 26, in lectures it is taught that he is 34 to 36 years old.

The source explained, “It is no longer a secret; general residents say overtly that Kim Jong Woon is the successor, even though there have not been any instructions about the succession issue handed down from the Party to the People’s Units.”

He added, “Officials of the Party inflate Kim Jong Woon’s career, even saying that he graduated from seven universities. Then, some sarcastically remark, ‘Was he a university student when he was crawling about on all fours?’”