Pictures of North Korea from 1996 to 2006

[imText1]It has been a decade since the horrible famine and tragic death of three million occurred in the mid 90s in North Korea.

Nothing in North Korea’s nuclear and missile policy has changed for ten years. The Kim Jong Il regime rather wants to be recognized as a nuclear state. Despite the fact that people starve to death, Kim fanatically seeks to secure his dictatorship by developing nuclear weapons and missiles.

And as the North Korean regime boasts its WMD, people’s lives get more distressed. Recent North Korean visitors to China testified of the reappearance of ‘root porridge’ and ‘grass porridge’ on the dining table of North Korean families for the first time since the famine ten years ago. Wanderers, old and young, appeared again. Even though last year’s rice harvest was large, this year, people started to worry about food already.

Last July and August, flood disasters damaged NK too much. Many residents lost their houses and farmlands were swept. Loss of railroads caused further destabilization of the North Korean transportation system.

However, more residents put responsibility of North Korea’s current hardship on Kim’s totalitarian regime because of its attaching greater importance to military than economic reform.

There is a spread of envy of defectors who are in South Korea and China, and a growing animosity between the army and the residents.

In Pyongyang, youngsters go astray and out of control. Slack discipline is omnipresent and popular unrest is increasing.

The DailyNK presents the pictures revealing North Korean people’s lives from the mid 1990s to now, including that of the most recent scene from Chongjin, North Hamkyong Province.