One Year Training for a 90 Seconds Celebrating Parade of Kim Jong Il’s Birthday

[imText1]The DailyNK revealed North Korea’s internal situations developed right after the U.N. resolution against N. Korea while the nuclear test of N. Korea has been getting attention from the world.

The movie was taken in Pyongyang and Sariwon late August, a month after the nuclear test. Stepping out of the “three leading revolution museum” located at Yeungmo-dong, Seusung-district, Pyongyang, a photographer took a scene of some residents waiting for buses and middle school students getting trained for a parade.

For a year, the middle school students have been mobilized only for a 90 seconds parade that has been prepared to celebrate the birthday of Kim Jong Il, February 2nd. The movie also contained a raspy voice of a Party official who was scolding the students when they did something wrong.

It was said that because of the intensive, repeated training, most of the students have undergone arthritis and have digestive problems.

At a bus stop in front of the three leading revolution museum, a number of residents were standing in line, waiting for buses. In principle, the buses run every 30 minutes yet people often wait for 2 or 3 hours. As a bus arrived at the bus stop, the old, married women and little girls and boys pushed one another to take the bus.

I could see that bribery culture spreads extensively in life of the people, when I saw a person secretly giving some money to “line-keeper” to jump the line. Right social system was collapsed, and only bribery and power control the North Korean society. That is where North Korea stands in.

[imText2]They are middle school student who get trained for a parade around the three leading revolution museum. They are at the age of 16 or 17. The person standing on the top of a building is a staff and Party official from a local youth league to prepare for a parade. The person under the top is an ‘equipment engineer’ in charge of training music.

You can hear a supervisor. “I tell you once again. Hey! The second student standing in the 10th line. Come over here. I told you, do not move after the signal. You will remain after this training.”

The supervisor on the top continues to point out the students who make mistakes, seeing the numbers attached on the right-side shoulders of the students. This training was to make their walking paces and height of the march.

To celebrate the birthday of Kim Jong Il and to prepare for the 90 seconds parade, they get trained for 1 year. They practice 12 hours per day.

After gathering at 7 am, they practiced for 2 hours, 30 minutes and 2 hours again. Before lunch, they practice for 1 hour and after lunch do for 2 hours, 30 minutes, and again 2 hours.

For 6 months, the training is preceded on the base of each local area, and for the rest of 6 months, it is done on the whole in “4.25 hotel.” The 4.25 hotel is located at around Mirimswanmun, a suburb area of Pyongyang. Middle school students, university students, the youth league and adults rehearse the parade al together.

In the Mirim hotel, they are trained repeatedly, intensively so that they cannot even go to a toilet. Students can have digestive problems as well as arthritis.

[imText3]The three leading revolution museum is located at Yeunmot-dong, Seusung-district, Pyongyang. The clip shows a sign saying photograph. The photographs vary from 300won to 1,200 won and it can take movies with camcorder.

[imText4]The round building in the movie was the first room of the three leading revolution museum. A ticket box is seen in the movie. This is the starting point from Yeunmot-dong to Soonan(at the Soonan airport). People are standing in long line waiting for buses. In front of the three leading revolution museum, there is a groundwater pipe.

[imText5]As soon as a bus driver starts a bus, people standing at the bus stop stand up. The bus has a front door and a back door. Its front door is only for soldiers and its back door is for general people. So at the bus stop are two lines.

[imText6]Military policemen are checking the identification cards and passes of general people. People who do not wear military uniforms are soldiers under their vacations or families of soldiers.

[imText8]The movie shows a “line-keeper” wearing an armband who is managing “lines”. Bus drivers are responsible for tickets, and line keepers are in charge of arranging lines or preventing people from breaking into lines. However, most of line-keepers allow people to jump into lines if they get bribe.

[imText11]A line-keeper arranges the lines and prevent people from breaking into the lines. A voice pointing at people jumping into the lines came up among people standing in line. People standing in the next line are waiting for the next bus. The person who gave bribe to the line-keeper already got on the bus and the rest are being railed. The line-keeper are pushing aside even woman holding a baby. Whenever buses arrive, a little racket.

Buses parked on the other side of the bus stop are produced at Chungjin bus factory. The buses are used for ‘Service cars’ at 500 won per person at night when buses do not run.

[imText14]This is the scene of guard checking up on people at No. 10 guard post of Chosun People’s Army.

The photographer is getting on a bus heading for Yeungmo-dong, Seusung-district. The bus is stopping in front of Ganli guard post in Hyungjaesan-district, Pyongyang.

The No.10 guard post is the place for censoring people coming into Pyongyang. It is checking out goods and whether or not other local people, Pyongyang people carry travel certificate. People who are caught in the censoring are punished with forcible labor at local gathering areas. The No.10 guard is censoring residents living in the suburbs of Pyongyang.

Although most of censors are in the late 10’s or early 20’s, they do not use respectable expressions to the adults. So adults dislike them. Generally, buses have many passengers. So In the case of standing passengers, censors check out their identification cards and goods outside and in the case of sitting passengers they do in the bus.

On the wall of Ganli post a slogan saying “Let’s guard Great Leader Kim Jong Il upon your life” is hung and the number of guards is around 100, a little less than the number of a troop.

As another bus arrives, a censor comes up to and get on the bus. It is the two levels bus imported from China.