North Korea Emphasizes “Preserve National Secrets!”

A North Korean source has relayed to Daily NK that, since the circulation of rumors of Kim Jong Il’s illness, the North Korean authorities have been engaging in acts, such as reorganizing the document maintenance system of each organization and increasing the education of citizens, as ways of urging the “Strict preservation of national secrets.”

A source from North Hamkyung Province said in a phone conversation with the Daily NK on the 12th, “Each organization and enterprise office has completely reformed the national intelligence maintenance system, along with holding policy meetings for this purpose with each organization and enterprise office.”

As a result, each organization has stepped up to the second or third degree its inspection procedures and the preservation of documents containing instructions from Kim Jong Il, the Party, and the Cabinet.

The source explained, “The types of documents that can be classified as secret documents have increased in number significantly compared to before, so those that were previously kept on bookshelves are ordered to be specially preserved in bookcases with locks. Important documents have been separately preserved in iron cases.”

In particular, the source relayed, “Documents that had been previously preserved in the Party Secretary’s or the manager’s office in each factory have been handed over to the “Proceedings Department (the department that is in charge of keeping important documents)” and have been directly inspected and checked by officers from the People’s Safety Agency (PSA). In order for primary secretaries of the Party to peruse important documents, they have to receive prior approval from the PSA officers and security managers in charge of the factory dispatched from the National Security Agency.”

He added, “In order to look at average documents by the level of classification, people have to receive approval from the primary secretaries of the Party, and for important documents permission from the NSA security managers and PSA officers must be granted.”

North Korea’s cadres have justified these measures, saying, “This is due to the increase in the number of spies who have been leaking national secrets,” but it is since the end of October, when rumors of Kim Jong Il’s illness began to increase significantly, that the heightened regulation of documents has been observed.

With the increased difficulty in perusing documents, it is officials who have been having the hardest time. The source relayed, “Whether for primary secretaries who must inspect documents a countless number of times or the low-level cadres who have to receive permission every time before looking at a document, the frustration has been paramount. Officials have increasingly been complaining.”

Simultaneously, civilian education regarding the preservation of national secrets has risen sharply.

The source said, “Nowadays, lectures and People’s Unit meetings regarding the issue of preserving national secrets have been taking place almost daily.”

He emphasized, “At the level of the Party, the regime and the army, anti-espionage and the preservation of national secrets campaigns have been taking place extensively. Every soldier in the border patrol unit has been ordered to submit ‘confessions’ on how and to whom they have leaked internal secrets.”

The source also relayed that in order to effectively educate the civilians on the serious outflow of national secrets and the resulting damage, each level of cadres of the Party, the NSA and the PSA have been ordered to participate in the lectures and the People’s Unit meetings.

He stressed, “Recently, in the last two months, lectures and People’s Unit meetings regarding preserving national security have been conducted in excess of 30 times. From the morning reading hours until the completion of studies and lectures, all of the emphasis has been on ‘strictly preserving national secrets.'”

The North Korean authorities, through the above-mentioned meetings, have noted, “Some delinquent people, after falling for the tricks of the enemy, have been leaking national secrets for mere cents. While selling national secret in cities such as Chongjin, Hamheung, and Shinuiju, people have been caught and received severe punishment.”

In particular, at the lecture meetings, it was announced publicly, “There have been those who have been caught on the spot while secretly filming internal secrets with illegal cell phones and espionage equipment handed over by the enemies. From now on, a serious legal trial and the exile of family members to the countryside will face those who are caught.”

The source added, “Each factory has affixed the slogans, ‘The enemy is listening to your words’ and ‘Let us strictly preserve national property and secrets from the anti-Republic schemes of the enemy.’ Even in rail cars, such slogans can be seen.”