North Korea Brazenly Revives Tourism Demand

Just one day after indiscriminately shelling a residential area of a South Korean island, killing 2 marines and 2 civilians and injuring another 15 people, North Korean website “Uriminzokkiri”, a propaganda site managed by North Korea’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, has brazenly renewed its demand for talks on the future of Mt. Geumgang tourism.

In a piece entitled “Deliberate Plot to Obstruct the Restarting of Mt. Geumgang Tourism”, Uriminzokkiri proclaimed today, “If the South Chosun authorities have a sincere interest in improving inter-Korean relations, they should stop clinging to unreasonable pretexts and step forward to take part in talks to restart the tours.”

Regarding the South Korean demand that the confiscated and frozen real estate in the Mt. Geumgang region be returned to its former status, the website went on, “The confiscation and freezing measures were brought about by South Chosun’s unreasonable treatment; to overcome this, it is appropriate to respond positively to our efforts.”

The website also emphasized, “The confiscation and freezing measures are all a part of improving inter-Korean relations,” while claiming, “The South Chosun authorities keep making this and that excuse while ignoring our efforts to improve inter-Korean relations.”

However, the website did not comment on South Korea’s cancellation of Red Cross talks originally scheduled for tomorrow.