NK Claims Rumors a South Korean Plot

As part of efforts to crack down on negativity about the third generation succession, the North Korean authorities are spreading the notion that “groundless” rumors about Kim Jong Eun are being spread by South Korea.

North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity (NKIS) cited an inside source today as saying that several cadres in Hoiryeong have been taken into custody for speaking negatively about the succession of Kim Jong Eun.

According to the NKIS source, “They are engaged in an internal effort to cut the throats of those cadres who are negative about the third generation succession. In Hoiryeong, cadres have been arrested for speaking out of turn.”

“The North Korean authorities say that the South Chosun intelligence agencies are using love of money to get those who are blind to circulate all kinds of groundless rumors,” the source said, adding, “They consider these criticisms of and negative opinions about Kim Jong Eun to be espionage and punish them severely.”

Not only that, the authorities also claim that several incidents; forest fires, a corn farm fire and arson that have occurred in North Hamkyung Province since January were committed by anti-regime elements on assignment from South Chosun intelligence.

According to the NKIS source, the North Korea people are now widely aware that bad things can happen with “a slip of the tongue,” so now even cadres are careful not to speak out of turn.

Workers and farmers remain resolutely disinterested in the fact that Kim Jong Eun has become the successor, according to sources. Criticisms of the Kim Jong Eun succession are spread mainly by cadres and intellectuals.

The source noted, however, “Following special distribution for the October 10th holiday, the authorities have also handed out a decree ordering distribution of six months of corn to the people right after the harvest.” But, he added, “Once the corn is released, people may be happy for a while, however, what will they give us next year? It is hard to garner the trust of the people with this kind of quick fix.”

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