Mourning Criticism Sessions til 8th

An inside source has reported that the expected criticism sessions have gotten underway to deal with those people who transgressed in the eyes of the authorities during the mourning period for Kim Jong Il.

The source from Yangkang Province told Daily NK yesterday, “From the 29th, enterprises at every level and people’s units started criticism sessions. Those who were not in attendance at commemorative events were branded ‘traitors’; those who were not sufficiently sincere during mourning events became ‘reactionaries’.”

The source added that this is generating fear in the people, explaining, “When the North Korean authorities say that the people were insincere it basically means a declaration of war on those who did things like not crying or only attended once, so people are feeling very uneasy.”

“There is an order from the Party to finish the criticism by January 8th, so there are ongoing investigations and discussions involving criticism every day,” he added, before noting, “Those people who brought white flowers from their homes to the statue instead of newly made ones are also targets for punishment.”

The North Korean authorities mobilized people from all sectors of society to mourn Kim Jong Il in various ways from December 19th to the 29th. However, given the frigid weather and lack of real love felt by many for Kim, it was inevitable that some would not ‘mourn’ to the satisfaction of the authorities.

In addition, branches of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth Leagues are investigating absenteeism from elementary and senior middle schools, and universities.

The source said that over two days on the 30th and the 31st of last month, four people were arrested in the Haejang and Hyeshin areas of Hyesan for their failure to attend events. Among the four, one was supposedly a single-parent raising three children who could not make it because her 6 year old daughter was sick.

As such, the source went on, “People are already expressing complaints about that guy(Kim Jong Eun)’s controls.” According to him, they are pointing out among other things that it is surely not a crime to miss a mourning service when a young child is sick.