More North Korean Agents Dispatched to China

[imText1]The capture of 20 border guards who escaped to China is being delayed, in which authorities have responded by sending more agents across the border.

A North Korean source from the district of Onsung said on the 8th “20 or so people who looked like secret agents formed a group at Sambong Customs. These people and a soldier which looked like their captain had received orders and were preparing to cross over to China.” He said “It seems that North Korean authorities are sending additional agents as there are a lot of guards who defected yet the arrests are slow.”

Further, he added “North Korean authorities are concerned that the escaped guards will defect to the 3rd world countries if the arrests are further delayed” and “The fact that North Korean authorities are sending additional agents to China just goes to show how seriously they’re considering this case.”

The source added “In order to go to China, the secret agents need to bypass Sambong customs to Chinese customs and submit a certification which verifies their official status to the Chinese. After inspection and minimal procedures, the agents move onto China in search for arrest.”

At present, the secret agents are working in collaboration with the Chinese National Security and are known to have begun a mass hunt around Yangkang and Haesan bordering Changbai. Jagang and Mapo bordering Jian.

Of the defected guards, some have already been arrested by Chinese authorities and are undergoing investigation. They have not yet been escorted back to North Korea. It seems that China will not accept the responsibility of sending the defectors back to North Korea which will incur some friction with the North Koreans, informed the source.

For a while, the North Korean National Security Agency has been undertaking investigations to arrest the ‘most wanted’ defectors, particularly in the areas of Yanji, Shenyang and Shanghai.

Another source said “It seems that the secret agents are partnering with investigating teams in Yanji… But, the core inquiries are being conducted in collaboration with the Chinese National Security.”