More Democrats Join Chorus against Repatriations

Former Democratic Party floor leader Jeong Se Kyun joined a rally in front of the Chinese Embassy in Seoul today to strongly urge China to change its policy towards defectors.

“Despite China’s high status globally, they still are not able to step outside their undeveloped way of dealing with North Korean defectors. China should become a country that values universal human rights,” Jeong told the rally.

“China has cooperated with us on plenty of occasions,” he went on. “They must also pay attention to the voices of South Koreans on the North Korean defector problem. We urge China to adopt the necessary measures to adequately reflect the Republic of Korea’s and international community’s opinions so that forced repatriation does not happen again.”

Democratic United Party supreme council member Kim Bu Kyum and lawmaker Jung Jang Sun have also recently urged the Democratic United Party to support moves to stop the repatriations, leading to hopes of a change of approach.