Lee Young Ho in Hamkyung Sanitarium

According to new information, former Chosun People’s Army Chief-of-Staff Lee Young Ho is currently at a sanitarium in North Hamkyung Province, recovering from injuries suffered during the process of his removal earlier this year.

A diplomatic source based in Seoul explained the story to Daily NK on the 25th, saying, “We have obtained information suggesting that Lee Young Ho is now recuperating at Jangryeong Sanitarium in Jueul-ri, Gyeongseong County, and are currently working to confirm it.”

“Apparently, there was a firefight during the purge after some of his people resisted it, so he got injured and ended up in hospital,” the source added.

“We assume his injuries were relatively slight,” he went on. “Based on his power and control over the military, there is a real probability that there was insubordination on the part of Lee loyalists.”

This is not the first time that information has surfaced asserting that Lee suffered injuries at the time of his removal. According to the story that emerged at the time, fellow top official Choi Ryong Hae was dispatched to ensure Lee’s removal from office, but was met with resistance from his close associates, which triggered some kind of exchange of fire.