Kim Sex Scandal Still on the Radar

Rumors embroiling Kim Jong Eun’s wife Ri Sol Ju in a sex scandal show no sign of waning, an inside source has revealed.

Despite Pyongyang Broadcast publicizing a performance by the Unhasu Orchestra entitled “Song of the Fatherland,” the rumor persists that not only were several orchestra members executed for appearing in a pornographic film, but that the entire group has since been dissolved, the source reported.

The source from Yangkang Province told Daily NK on the 21st, “The rumor is rife that pictures and video of Unhasu Orchestra members dancing naked have been sold overseas, and that the group has been broken up. The rumor that those members involved in the pornographic movie were cruelly shot is also doing the rounds.”

“In order to put a complete stop to products born of the ‘capitalist wind,’ the ringleaders were dealt the severe punishment of execution. But those members who did not take a lead in the production of the pornographic material only have to serve three year sentences at the Manjongbo farm in Daehongdan County, Yangkang Province.”

Another source in Musan, North Hamkyung Province told Daily NK today that, “The rumor is going around that the orchestra members were shot to death, and this reminds many people of the Woo In Hee incident. Some reacted by saying, ‘Those people (the orchestra members) did a bad thing, believing that the Kim family would protect them.’”

Woo In Hee was a famous actor in the 1970s who was reportedly executed after her affair with Kim Jong Il was made public.

“Lately, at every People’s Unit and workplace it’s not hard to hear talk related to the Unhasu Orchestra. The heads of the People’s Units and the party cadres gave a gagging order, but the people’s interest still hasn’t dissipated,” the source added.

It was also emphasized that, “People are very interested in any whiff of a sex scandal. These types of rumors spread faster than others, and once they get out they don’t easily disappear.”

Meanwhile, Ri Sol Ju has remained conspicuously absent from the public eye. Some experts believe this is to be a move by the North aimed at quelling the scandal that is now garnering increasing interest in both South Korea and Japan.