Kim Profers LCD Televisions to Scientists

Kim Jong Eun recently paid a visit to near-complete private residences for educators at Kim Il Sung University, where he gave each household a television, according to Chosun Central News Agency on September 29th.

Coverage of the visit fits a pattern. The North Korean media has covered numerous onsite inspections by Kim Jong Eun to construction sites in Pyongyang in recent months, all of which form part of the regime’s recent “focus on science.”

On this, his latest trip, Kim Jong Eun reportedly inspected the common living quarters, kitchens, studies, and master bedrooms of the accommodation.

He claimed, “We are now in the knowledge economy era. No expense will be spared for the faculty and researchers of the university, who are fostering the scientific talent who will carry the future of the fatherland on their shoulders.”

The news report also stated that the residential buildings are 36- and 44-storey, and include laundry rooms, a bathhouse, mini-park and other amenities.

Last month Kim visited the same location, whereupon he ordered the construction of the apartment complex to be completed prior to the holiday commemorating the founding of the Chosun Workers’ Party, which falls on October 10th.