Kim Jong Il Showers Loyals with Cars

[imText1]Kim Jong Il has showered some 160 luxury cars on the directors of provincial committees of the Party and municipal committee secretaries, according to Radio Free Asia (RFA).

The RFA source reported on Tuesday, “Kim Jong Il recently gave luxury cars to high officials on Party provincial committees as gifts. There have been events to deliver the presents sent by Kim Jong Il all over the country.”

“With the exception of chief-secretaries and organizing-secretaries from Party provincial committees, who already possess cars, provincial committee directors and workers’ organization secretaries, who did not have cars, were the recipients.”

Another RFA source added, “There was an event to present cars sent by Kim Jong Il in Hyesan. Officials from the Provincial Committee of the Party, People’s Committee and Municipal Committee all attended it.”

The source explained, “The rumor is that these cars are the product of a merger between Germany’s Mercedes Benz and a Chinese motor company. They carry the badge, ‘MBC.’”

However, RFA reports that the source knows neither when the cars were imported nor how much they cost.

It should be noted, though, that “luxury vehicles for the transport of persons on earth, air or sea, as well as their accessories and spare parts” are high on the list of luxury goods prohibited under UN Security Council Resolution 1718.