Kim Jong Il, A Bigger Potbelly When Dressed in a Suit?

[imText1]Why doesn’t Kim Jong Il wear suits?

His curly hair with the natural colored jumper Kim Jong Il always wears, has become a symbol of his representational dress attire.

In 2000, at the North-South Korea Summit, Kim Jong Il’s appearance was so focused and highlighted in the national press, that for a while this jumper gained much popularity within the country.

When outside views highly write of Kim Jong Il’s appearance in the press, it is when he is either visiting military compounds or attending summits with other leaders. Irrespective of the times he inspects military compounds or manages national affairs, the fact that this jumper is not taken off even abroad, suggests that there must be some particular reason…

The Chosun Ilbo(daily newspaper in S.Korea) reporter Kang Chul Hwan (co-representative for Democracy Network against North Korean Gulag) released a response on his blog, for reasons why Kim Jong Il doesn’t wear suits.

Reporter Kang wrote “When I was in North Korea, I often wondered why that person doesn’t wear suits” however, questions that “Although it is rare for Commissioner Kim to wear a suit, doesn’t he look like a different person when wearing a suit?”

He wrote “Although it is only my opinion, but when attending big conferences such the Summit, as the supreme leader of a country, is it not etiquette to dress in a suit” and foreshadowed that “The day Commissioner Kim wears a suit will be either the opening of North Korean Reform or a time of much anticipated change.”

No to Wearing Suits to Hide a Physical Complex

There is a large view that the reason why Kim Jong Il doesn’t wear suits is to hide his physical complex.

Reporter Kang solicited a high rank defector’s testimony who explained that “Kim Jong Il always wears the German made pointy bulletproof vest, because he cannot by any means wear a suit as you can see when he wears this bulletproof vest, his squashed bulging stomach sticking out.”

Defector Kim Yong Chul (assumed name) said “In North Korea there are some people who view Kim Jong Il’s jumper attire positively and some people negatively” but “many people know why he (Kim Jong Il) always wears jumpers, that suits do not flatter him because he is short.”

Kim Jong Il’s jumper is called “The People’s Outfit” in North Korea. It can be viewed that the image of “The People” is utilized to heighten his act to promote the appearance of a leader amongst the mass population.

Reporter Kang explained “The jumper style in which he asserts he developed, has now started to be followed by his complimenting leaders, and the nation’s men also wear Kim Jong Il’s jumper fairly well.”

In addition “it is publicized that the reason Kim Jong Il doesn’t wear suits is because he likes his simple and plain working appearance” and sarcastically remarked that doesn’t “the whole world know the truth about Commissioner Kim’s luxury?”

The expensive liquors with every meal, as well as being equipped with a country villa, is it luck for the North Korean people in their misery that Kim Jong Il has no greed for clothes? The one set of worn-out clothing left by Vietnam’s leader Ho Chi Minh, who lived his whole life so simplistically suddenly comes to mind.