Kim Jong Eun Praised Highly by Father in Propaganda

The Daily NK has exclusively obtained a copy of propaganda materials used to indoctrinate North Korean cadres about Kim Jong Eun’s greatness during December, 2009.

The Daily NK source from Yangkang Province who provided the documents explained, “This was dictated to the Chief Secretary of Hyesan. There were conditions attached: do not copy or reproduce; note down only in a secret notebook; and memorize 100 percent of the contents.

According to the source, these materials follow on from ones obtained by a Japanese newspaper, Mainichi Shimbun, in October of last year. There are many parts which are similar to the former materials; however, the noteworthy aspect this time is direct quotation from Kim Jong Il.

Entitled “Youth Captain, Comrade Kim Jong Eun Is another Mt. Baekdu Style Great Man to Whom Chosun Has Given Birth,” the material expands enthusiastically on Kim Jong Eun’s outstanding abilities and extraordinary personality in every field, quoting Kim Jong Il on a number of topics related to his son.

For example, Kim Jong Il is quoted in the material as saying, “The Captain has been assisting me with lots of my work. I have been achieving good results in the Central Committee of the Party since I was 22 years old, but our Captain is also doing well, and is the most respectful to me.”

“I was moved to tears when I saw how he took care of my health and security. His mind to think of me is full of sincerity,” Kim added.

Kim also praised last year’s fireworks as being the work of Jong Eun, as reported by The Daily NK last week, saying, “The Youth Captain showed his exceptional ability by producing the entire program of fireworks and songs. He stayed up several nights in order to prepare the fireworks. This is his extraordinary and notable ability.”

He added, “By doing so, his loyalty to the leader was instilled deeply.”

Kim Jong Il further emphasized, “He is a genius of geniuses. He has been endowed by nature with special abilities. There is nobody on the planet who can defeat him in terms of faith, will and courage.”

Kim also explained how he was impressed when he saw Jong Eun drive military equipment in a demonstration in October last year. “Although he is a small and good looking boy, he said he would drive that into Seoul in emergency,” Kim said.

He also spoke highly of Jong Eun’s marksmanship saying, “Our Captain has fired a gun very well ever since he was three years old. Not even soldiers with a high accuracy rate can shoot better than him.”

Furthermore, “Kim Jong Eun is the no.1 guard who escorted Kim Jong Il and who decided to become a faithful soldier able to emulate just one ten millionth of our comrade and Supreme Commander’s greatness and make our strong military an invincible one for the future.”

In conclusion, the document claims, “Having Youth Captain Kim Jong Eun as the successor who brings about the Juche revolution represents the good luck of our nation. The people will receive consecutively the luck of having the Supreme Leader, the General and the Captain.”

After observing the material, an official in the South’s intelligence authorities told The Daily NK, “It seems to have been written late last year and is different to the one obtained by the Japanese newspaper in terms of format and contents.”