Kim Crushed 70 Invaders!

North Korea has used the fixed-line ‘3rd Broadcast’ system to issue propaganda describing last year’s shelling of Yeonpyeong Island as a great military victory for Kim Jong Eun in the face of direct U.S.-South Korean military threat.

With characteristic bravado, the attack was today called “The greatest victory, as Comrade General Kim Jong Eun fought and defeated 70 American soldiers all alone.”

Ordinarily, propaganda aimed at the North Korean people is delivered via Chosun Central Broadcast, the state radio broadcaster, and TV, but when the state prefers outside ears to hear less of what it is saying, 3rd Broadcast is employed.

The broadcaster further proclaimed, “Always looking thirstily at our territorial waters, 70 men from the South Chosun puppets and their scheming U.S. military masters came out directly into the seas around Yeonpyeong Island to threaten us, but our revolutionary armed forces led by comrade Kim Jong Eun crushed them all at once.”

“If they invade us again, comrade General Kim Jong Eun will get even with them hundreds of times over,” it added.

North Korea has always maintained in domestic propaganda that the Yeonpyeong Island shelling was a case of Kim Jong Eun teaching South Korea a lesson, but has never claimed the presence of U.S. forces at the time of the attack before, or put a number on any ‘invading force’.

In other propaganda activities, North Korea also appears to be trying to idolize Ko Young Hee, Kim Jong Eun’s biological mother.

A song that was common on military bases until 2007 but which then disappeared, ‘Mother of Pyongyang’ is being sung again, sources report, something which they say is likely a result of the need to resolve political problems stemming Kim Jong Eun’s parenting.

Ko, who was born in Osaka, Japan, was never actually married to Kim Jong Il.