Jong Woon Overstepped His Bounds


Another suggestion is that Jong Woon tried to exclude the leadership of the Workers’ Party from decision-making by dealing with the military and National Security Agency (NSA) in secret.

Since he took on an influential position within the National Defense Commission and responsibility for the workings of the NSA, Jong Woon apparently attempted to exclude the leadership of the Workers’ Party from decision-making related to the Korean People’s Army and the NSA.

In reality, the Party leadership reaches systematically into every field in North Korea, so that the prevailing political ideology can reign over and regulate the people, various units and political apparatus. For example, the Political Bureau of the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces is a military bureau as a matter of form but is controlled by the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party in practice. Thus, its obligations (to organize and carry out political business, political education and other political affairs for soldiers and subordinates offices of the Army) fall under Party control.

Therefore, Jong Woon was trying to subvert an age-old system, and ultimately got found out. It was allegedly reported to Kim Jong Il by seniors in the military and elder officials of the Party, bringing the Leader’s anger upon his son.

The final rumor is that Jong Woon tried to use the Defense Security Command to investigate the omnipotent Escort Bureau, and bit off more than he could chew.

Kim Jong Woon apparently dealt with Escort Bureau work such as the security of Kim Jong Il and his escort to Jagang Province for an onsite inspection in December of last year.

During that time, Jong Woon tried to use the Defense Security Command to inspect irregularities and corruption within the Escort Bureau and subsequently carry out a reshuffle.

The Escort Bureau is Kim Jong Il’s the most favored and trusted apparatus, which is responsible for his life and wellbeing, so Jong Woon’s meddling allegedly enraged him.

However, above all the rest this story looks unreliable, because no matter how much power Kim Jong Woon has, he would be a fool to try and do that. This is because inspection of the Escort Bureau is tantamount to inspecting Kim Jong Il himself. Therefore, nobody has ever inspected the Escort Bureau.

Regardless of the number of rumors which are swirling around, the fact is that the succession project and its associated propaganda for Kim Jong Woon have been suspended.

As long as the North Korea authorities do not give a reason for this to the people, rumors will continue to spread.

A source finally claimed that Kim Jong Woon has kept his positions, but lost his authority.

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