Jangmadang Markets Sell “Everything But Cat Horns.”

Free North Korea Broadcasting released footage of a Jangmadang market in the city of North Hamkyung on July 3rd.

This footage was taken in August, 2005 by FNKB’s inside correspondent.

It is commonly held in North Korea that “There is everything in the Jangmadang except for the horns of cats.” This footage shows various products at the market.

Citizen appearances are reminiscent of those seen during the 1960s or 70s in South Korea. Stands are crowded with sellers and the narrow street is bustling with shoppers.
Hand-made soda, beer, boots, and clothes made in China cost around 70,000 won (approx. US$25.5) and sell well in the Jangmadang.

FNKB noted critically that “A mackerel costs 2,500 won, an ice cream is 100 won, while the salary for general laborers is less than 3,000 (approx. US$1.1) won.”

In the footage, an elderly man leaning on his cane sells a small pot to a junk shopper. It costs 200 won, which is also the price of a bow of porridge.

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