Interpol Concerned over NK’s Supernote

[imText1]Interpol’s Ronald Noble Secretary General in his visit to Seoul on Thursday said that North Korea’s counterfeiting of US dollars was a “main concern” of the international police organization. In a press conference with South Korean reporters, Noble said, “In terms of North Korea, the one area of significant criminal activity that concerns Interpol and that we learned about is the counterfeiting of U.S. notes, especially the 100-dollar super note.”

He said that last year Interpol had issued “orange notice” twice, one in March 2005 and the other one in this June, to warn the member states’ police authorities about North Korea’s attempt to buy counterfeiting equipments.

At a special conference held in this July in Lyon, France, Interpol and the US Secret Service explained North Korean counterfeiting activities to the other states’ officials. South Korean police did not attend the meeting.

On international terrorism, Noble said that since the 9.11 terrorist attack the number of terrorists in the Interpol database had increased from 2000 to ten thousands and transaction of information among member states had expanded from three million per year to ten million.

There are seven different kinds of notices, including the orange notice, issued by Interpol to inform local polices about information of criminal activities. An orange notice is issued to warn police, public entities and other international organizations of possible threats from disguised weapons, parcel bombs and other dangerous materials.