Defector Women’s Music Band ‘Dallae’ to Rise!

[imText1]The 6 member women’s music band “Dallae” composed of former North Korean defectors is receiving hot response from web users.

Dallae consists of Han Ok Jeong(28) as lead, 2 vocalists, 2 accordion vocalists and 2 dancers. The members are a talented group, the majority of whom are active in North Korean art propaganda squads, having majored in vocal music, instruments, or dance during college.

Although Kim Yong and Kim Hye Young are well-known as music artists and defectors, this is the group’s first debut. The group is in the process of preparing for their debut in August consisting of a full schedule, and have been practicing every day from 10 to 4, in addition to recording.

They plan to sing their title song, a remake of singer Kum Sa Hyang’s “Hong Kong Miss”. In addition, they plan to showcase North Korean pop songs and popular new songs written by TROT (a genre of Korean popular songs) artists.

The person contracted to Orange Enterprise who founded Dallae revealed that “The idea arose after watching the movie ‘Super Family’. After meeting the families of each member, we all talked, proposals were accepted, and a team was formed.”

The group founder went to 5 North Korean provincial offices, the Association of the North Korean Defectors and The Yeomyung School for Youth Defectors in search of defectors who had majored in vocal music or dance in North Korea, and was thus able to put together his group.

Orange Enterprise revealed that “through Dallae’s music, cultural gaps between North and South Korea could be bridged, and a mutual understanding could be reached. Japan has already begun to show interest in the group. Traveling throughout South Korea, Japan, the U.S. and Europe, the group will portray a unified Korean culture.”

Leader Han Ok Jeong, who is from Hamkyung province and majored in vocal music at university, said “I am not sure whether we will really be able to go on broadcast” but revealed her aspirations, saying “Although I am very nervous, I’m going to do my best to become a well-liked singer.”

Some web users have already noted that “By looking their profiles, they seem to have a lot of talent. Hopefully they will be a group that is around for a long time, rather than just a passing trend”.