Daily NK Reveals Kim Jong Il in Shinuiju

Kim Jong Il was in Shinuiju from June 17th, leaving just three hours ago for Pyongyang.

Daily NK sources say Kim stayed in a villa in Songhan-dong with successor and third son Kim Jong Eun. Revealing the news earlier today, Chosun Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that Kim also conducted an onsite inspection at a cosmetics factory and visited Rakwon Machine Complex and a newly constructed football stadium.

According to the Daily NK source, Kim also looked around Shinuiju Cosmetics Factory,

According to the KCNA report, after Kim looked around the new stadium he told listeners, “You should improve our soldiers’ strength by effectively utilizing this football stadium.” KCNA did not reveal any details about the stadium, but reported, “It has been constructed at the foot of a beautiful mountain in a distinctive way.”

The Daily NK source also said, “Downtown Shinuiju is under the control of officials from the National Security Agency and People’s Safety Ministry. Officials are saying in whispers that Captain Kim (Jong Eun) is with the General, so cadres are expecting a lot.”

With respect to the villa in Songhan-dong, the source said, “It is around 12km from Shinuiju Station and 5km from any major streets, in a restricted area.”

One defector who used to live in Shinuiju added, “This place has a similar atmosphere to the Mt. Myohang villa since it is in a mountainous region. It is not so big but it is always heavily guarded.

According to the source, Kim’s visit to Shinuiju was revealed to local people through the domestic third broadcast first at 7 A.M. on Saturday morning, two days after Kim’s arrival.

Kim apparently left for Pyongyang at 3 P.M.