Credit for “Self-Defense” at Yeonpyeong Goes Kim Jong Eun’s Way

“We will always be victorious under the guidance of the Youth Captain!” is the message that North Korea has been emphasizing at the same time as describing Tuesday’s attack on Yeonpyeong Island as an act of self-defense against a reckless South Korean provocation.

Explaining the situation, a source inside North Korea told The Daily NK yesterday, “The secretary of the Primary Committee of the Party in the factory who gathered the workers for the evening evaluation meeting on the 24th told us that ‘The South Koreans covet our republic and so committed a provocation, but the General’s military absolutely did not tolerate it and retaliated several times over’.”

The source went on, “He talked about the military action briefly and then focused on promoting the notion that ‘The more problematic the political situation, the more we need to live a tense life and serve the General and Youth Captain well to guarantee ourselves victory’.”

“He kept on emphasizing the Youth Captain, and proclaimed, ‘No matter how viciously our enemies conduct their confrontational schemes, under the guidance of the Youth Captain’s revolutionary military power we will always be victorious’.”

According to the source, North Korea released news of the bombardment of Yeonpyeong Island via Chosun Central TV news on the evening of the incident. The next day, the media focus was on how “we retaliated against South Korea’s provocation a hundreds times”. The point of this, the source explained, was mostly to emphasize the fact that military countermeasures took place under the wise and fearless guidance of Kim Jong Eun’s Military-first leadership.

However, the source reported also that while the North Korean authorities even made a special effort to guarantee electricity in order to convey news of the military action, people did not show any particular interest.

“Normally, they do not provide electricity well at all, but everyone heard this news since they started to supply electricity from 5 PM on November 23rd, which is when the news comes on,” he said, but added, “Citizens are now immune to this, and were not surprised.”