“Chinese Central Bank Issued a Warning Order against Counterfeit Money…For Pressure on North Korea

[imText1]It was analyzed that the recent warning order of the Chinese Central Bank against counterfeit money was an action to be taken to put North Korea under pressure.

The American Wallstreet Journal reported “24th, the People’s Bank of China, the Chinese Central Bank, sent official notices to every local branch bank and commercial bank, which are saying ‘watch closely all actions to distribute counterfeit money’.

In these notices the People’s Bank of China revealed “super-notes(checks) were introduced into China via other foreign countries”. The newspaper added that this is an action that China took by accepting the claim of the U.S. The claim was that China is a pathway for counterfeit money to be distributed.

The reason why the central Bank urged every local bank to watch out distributed counterfeit money was that China found evidences showing the distribution of the super-notes in China, as well. According to an official concerned, last January a super-note was found in an American in Hong Kong, and a super-note was also disclosed in Hong Kong, which has gone around Philippine and Taiwan for 2 years.

During the interview with RFA(Radio of Freedom Asia) on the 27th , Donald Gross, the former Adviser of International Security and Nonproliferation Assistant Security of the U.S. Department of State during the Clinton administration revealed “I can analyze this action of China as trying to make North Korea be under pressure”.

Gross analyzed “Until now, there has been a controversy about whether or not North Korea distributed counterfeit money. However, this action of China reinforced the claim of the U.S”.

Raphael Perl who is a researcher of the American Congress Research Center stated during the interview with RFA “Yet, we cannot be sure about what scale the North Korean counterfeit money was into China”.

Researcher Perl pointed out “the U.S and China have never discussed this issue before, but if the Chinese banks help North Korea commit such an illegal action, the U.S would be worried”.