China-NK Hydroelectric Dam Project Agreed

China and North Korea are reported to have agreed to build two hydroelectric dams on the Yalu River which represents part of the border between the two countries, according to Chinese state television.

The news was revealed by China Central Television (CCTV) yesterday.

According to Xinhua, the Chinese state news agency, one of the dams will be near mountainous Wangjianglou in Jilin Province and the other downstream at Changchuan, China, near Manpo in Jagang Province.

Xinhua also noted that the two dams will cost a total of 1.1 billion Yuan ($161 million) and generate 308 million kWh of electricity, but contained no information about how the costs, or the electricity, would be shared out.

However, it did assert that the two dams will “drive economic growth in Jilin and the DPRK.”

Construction is set to start this year, according to the reports.

Christopher Green is a researcher in Korean Studies based at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Chris has published widely on North Korean political messaging strategies, contemporary South Korean broadcast media, and the socio-politics of Korean peninsula migration. He is the former Manager of International Affairs for Daily NK. His X handle is: @Dest_Pyongyang.