China: BDA Accounts to Be Resolved According to Law

The Chinese government announced on Tuesday that frozen North Korean accounts in Banco Delta Asia (BDA) would be dealt by the Macao Special Administrative Region’s government under the due process of law.

Jiang Yu, spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, in daily briefing, said the government hoped the controversial issue ‘to be resolved through bilateral negotiation, for the sake of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.’

Jiang denied South Korean media’s reports of partial unfreezing of North Korean accounts.

She confirmed Chinese delegate Wu Dawei’s meeting with US Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, and agreement between the two to resume the talks as soon as possible. “It is China’s persistent wish,” Jiang said “to denuclearize North Korea through talks and negotiations.”

Meanwhile, Macao’s financial authority affirmed that the North Korean accounts in BDA were still frozen and it had no information about any US plan to unfreeze the accounts.

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