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August 10, 2020
Kim Jong Un temporarily deport bureau 11 directives cardiovascular procedure economic development strategy technical

N. Korea to “temporarily deport” foreign diplomats with “suspicious symptoms”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently ordered his Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to "screen all foreign embassies in Pyongyang" to identify and...

Sources: Five N. Koreans died from coronavirus infections

Daily NK sources in North Pyongan Province reported today that five people died after suffering from fevers at hospitals in Sinuiju and a nearby...
china factory confined workers china return

N. Korean workers confined to dormitories in China

North Korean workers at factories and restaurants in China have become confined to their dormitories as the Chinese government continues to fight the Wuhan...
disease control kimchi

Ryanggang Province accelerates disease control efforts

North Korean public health officials are making serious efforts to improve disease control procedures at hospitals in Ryanggang Province as the country faces a...
Street market in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province rice sellers

N. Koreans hurting economically due to border shutdown

North Koreans are complaining that their government's shutdown of trade over the Sino-North Korean border due to fears over the Wuhan coronovirus is causing...
defense university

Why did N. Korea relocate its National Defense University?

This article is part of a series written by Daily NK journalist Kim Jeong Hyun entitled "North Korea's Secret Stories."  In the early 2000s, students...
kim kyong hui

Kim Kyong Hui and Kim Jong Un’s tottering hold on power

On Jan. 25, Kim Kyong Hui, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s paternal aunt (and Kim Jong Il's sister), appeared publicly for the first...
sinuiju port boat defect

N. Korea shuts down Sinuiju Port amid coronavirus fears

North Korean authorities have suspended the entry and exit of freight ships at Sinuiju Port due to fears over the spread of the Wuhan...
sinuiju recalled

Key North Korean officials in China recalled home

North Korea recalled some of its key officials based in China back to North Korea in late January and they are currently being quarantined...
coal mine

N. Korean coal mines face dearth of managers to run them

North Korean party officials are refusing appointments to some of the country’s coal mines because of falling productivity and profits due to international sanctions...

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