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June 3, 2020
anti-socialist punishment

N. Korea’s military cracks down on “anti-socialist” activity

The North Korean military's internal politburo, the General Political Bureau (GPB), launched a campaign on Jan. 8 to eradicate "anti-socialist" activity among soldiers, Daily...
business loans

Superstition makes getting loans difficult in January, sources

Many North Koreans in of business loans are unable to get them due to the country’s economic downturn and a custom of avoiding loans...
electricity fees

Pyongyang boosts state collection of electricity fees

North Korean authorities recently implemented an experimental measure in Pyongyang aimed at increasing the state’s collection of electricity fees to pay for the opening...
factories production

N. Korean factories still suffering from low production

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un emphasized increased productivity and a “frontal breakthrough” for the economy during the year-end plenary meeting of the Central...
small businesses

S. Pyongan Province slaps fines on “illegal” small businesses

North Korean authorities in South Pyongan Province have recently begun levying fines on small businesses that they claim have not registered with the government,...
meeting wartime

Kim Jong Un urges wartime readiness after Soleimani killing

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un urged his military to adopt a stance of "wartime readiness" on Jan. 4, following the US assassination of...
experimental fields

N. Korea tackles corruption involving “experimental fields”

North Korean authorities recently instructed farm and agricultural management committees across the country to eradicate “illegal and corrupt activities” involving “experimental fields” located on...
kim jong un samjiyon new path

Group wedding held for injured Samjiyon construction workers

On Dec. 21, 20 male members of North Korea's "Storm Trooper" units who were injured during construction work in Samjiyon were married to women...
mount paektu ascent campfire

Kim Jong Un flouts his own rules in recent Mount Paektu climb

Photographs of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ascending Mount Paektu recently published in Rodong Sinmun have come under criticism for embodying the realities...
A tractor on a farm in North Korea

Taxes soar in agricultural regions as farming season wraps up

Following the completion of the farming season and annual payments in kind for workers in agricultural regions, North Korean authorities have imposed a number...

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