Blackmail Will Not Break Hwang Jang Yop’s Belief

[imText1]A murder threat was made against Hwang Jang Yop, Chairman of the North Korean Citizen’s Democratization Alliance where an inauspicious letter and axe was delivered. Previously, a photo with a kitchen knife stabbed on the forehead was sent and this time, a photo of Chairman Hwang smeared with red paint like blood and a hand axe was also sent. This is the fourth time Chairman Hwang has received this kind of “murder threat.”

On scanning the note, assumptions can be made as to who sent the message. The DailyNK will make a premise as to who the senders may be.

“U.S. pressure and isolation policies forced the North to defend themselves with nuclear control and as a result, peace and unity of the Korean Peninsula is drawing nearer. ••• Can’t you see, simply by looking at the U.S.’ actions at the six party talks that it needs to acknowledge it’s mistakes and remove the financial sanctions. ••• After inciting idle talk of an anti-North Korea confrontation, you brought death upon yourself. ••• If at anytime, my mind is put to test, it will not be a problem to get rid of you.”

The note contained information similar to the above, threatening life and representing the position of North Korean authorities.

On surmising this note, it seems that this incident was alleged by “South Chosun (Korea) revolutionists” and followers of various movements. If it were these groups, there is something to say to these people.

Firstly, firmly bring forward your ideological conflicts out into the open rather than cowardly hiding behind a life threatening note.

Immediately after the incident, the police identified the address of the sender. It was a false address. Concealing oneself, the person has threatened an aged fighter leading a battle for the North Korean democracy in accordance to his ideological beliefs.

It is ludicrous and cowardly. Avoiding ideological confrontation and relying on violence and threat only contradicts your actions and own ideological belief. Rather come out confidently and firmly for debate and discussion.

Secondly, blackmail is evidently a crime. Reflect upon your own offense and confess.

According to law, blackmail is a criminal act. Though you proclaim with your mouths that you are a democracy, your actions contradict the legal pillar of a democratic system. While you say ideological freedom, your arbitrary decisions demonstrate that you do not approve any other dogma other than an “absolute dictatorship.”

Terror threats and a democracy cannot coexist in the Republic of Korea. At the least, reflect upon your crime and confess now.

Thirdly, get rid of your childish thought of breaking ideological convictions through violence.

Chairman Hwang Jang Yop has been threatened that if he continued his movements, the threats would increase every time and that he “would be subject to a wretched death in vain.” Your faith as a “revolutionist” and pledge to improve mankind, our motherland and country through blackmail and violence is childish.

For North Korea’s democracy and the unification of his motherland, Chairman Hwang left North Korea parting with his loving family and relatives as well as defying sacrifices for many of his followers and comrades. This is a pain far greater than one’s own death.

Whenever he has spare time, he says “How can I continue to remain alive and live when I have sacrificed all my family and comrades? But now I do not even have the right to die. My only duty is to gather all my strengths and fight this battle.”

It will probably be impossible for those offenders with a deluded faith to end their threats and violence against Chairman Hwang’s conflicts who has a deep love for his motherland and rooted democratic ideologies.

Fourthly, consider yourself who has been corrupted by ideology and return to your original beliefs.

Furthermore, these people are now siding with dictator Kim Jong Il who opposes North Korean citizens and democracy, is against history, is anti-one nation and anti-democratic. This is betrayal to the nation and mankind and a clear ideological downfall.

If you have time to blackmail ideologies of a man in his eighties fighting for democratization of North Korean citizens, you are better off spending the time reflecting upon the downfall of your own beliefs. Before it is too late, return to your fundamental mindset where you first devoted yourself to the nation and to history.