‘Benevolent’ General Amnesty Announced

North Korea today released news of an amnesty for convicted prisoners to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the birth of Kim Jong Il and 100th anniversary of that of Kim Il Sung.

The decision, no. 2098, ‘On the Implementation of an Amnesty upon the Occasion of the 100th Birthday of Great Suryeong Comrade Kim Il Sung and 70th Birthday of Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il’, was issued by the standing committee of the Supreme People’s Assembly on January 5th and reported by Rodong Shinmun and Chosun Central News Agency today.

According to the North Korean media outlets, the amnesty will begin on February 1st.

“The implementation and realization of the nobly benevolent and open-hearted politics of the fatherly Suryeong and respected General, who lived among the people at all times, suffering all kinds of hardship for the people and working to the very last moments of their lives, is the resolute will of our Party and state,” it stated.

Stating the start date and reasons for the amnesty, the article concluded also by saying “The Cabinet of the DPRK and related organs will put in place a policy to allow those persons who are released to live and work.”

No details of those to be pardoned or how they would be provided with a way to make a living once released was included.