58% Say North Korea Will Breach Feb 13 Agreement

A recent survey suggests that the majority of South Koreans believe that North Korea will breach the Feb 13 Agreement and even continue with its nuclear development.

On the 18th, a South Korean news channel YTN joined forces with Global Research to conduct telephone interviews with 1000 participants on the question of North Korea and the Feb 13 Agreement. It seems that 58% of South Koreans believe that North Korea will not fulfill the requirements of the agreement and that North Korea will not surrender its nuclear development.

Conversely, 21.9% of participants believe that North Korea would fulfill the Feb 13 Agreement but would not surrender its nukes. At present, public negativity seems to be stemming from North Korea’s ill action and recent failure at delivering its promise by the set 60 days, April 14th.

Regarding the normalization of South-North relations, 22.7% of participants selected ‘strongly agree,’ 49.4% ‘somewhat agree,’ 72.1% ‘agree,’ 23.1% ‘disagree,’ 3.7% ‘somewhat disagree,’ and 19.4% ‘strongly disagree.’

In response to the question regarding the influence of the talks on the development of South-North relations, 50.6% of participants believed that it would not have any affect. Further, 33.0% of participants believed that it would be a positive affect for the current ruling government whereas only 12.7% believe it would have a positive affect on the opposing government.

On a different note, participants were asked, ‘If you were to vote for the next president today, who would you vote for?’ Lee Myung Bak, former mayor of Seoul received the highest votes at 34.1%, followed by Park Geun Hae, former representative for the Grand National Party at 22.1%.

While other politicians were nominated it seems that Mr. Lee is currently taking the lead, especially with the possibility of an increase in votes by 13.7%. Accordingly, Mr. Lee will hold the lead with a 25.7% disparity with Ms. Park though this gap currently stands at 12.0%.

The recent survey conducted by YTN and Global Research interviewed 1000 people over the age of 19 years via the telephone, taking into consideration 95% accuracy and ±3.1% discrepancy.