50% of SK Drugs from the North

More than half the illegal drugs arriving in South Korea are made in North Korea, according to a new claim.

Ruling party lawmaker and member of the National Assembly Foreign Affairs Trade and Unification Committee Yoon Sang Hyun asserted in documents released yesterday, “The North Korean authorities have mobilized key People’s Army organs, the ‘General Bureau of Reconnaissance’ and ‘Defense Security Command’, to directly produce and distribute drugs. These are then being handled by Chosun Workers’ Party Office No. 39’.”

Yoon explained, “Drug trafficking in the North Korea-China border area is increasing and from the point of view that most of the drugs entering China are from North Korea, North Korean-made drugs are entering South Korea. 57.3% of the 8,200g of foreign pilopon (methamphetamines) discovered in South Korea last year was brought in from China, and a large quantity of that was estimated to be from North Korea”.

Yoon added, “Drug manufacturing and distribution is not only being commanded by Office No. 39 at the ‘state level’ but is widespread at the ‘private level’ as well. Already the three Provinces of Northeast China have emerged as a base for drug trafficking.”

“North Korea has been using this ‘black money’ earned through circulating drugs in China and South Korea to manage the regime elite by generating ruling funds,” he went on. “Not only do the imported drugs directly harm people in South Korea and China; they are a deadly threat that destroy the social structure.”

Yoon continued, “The South Korean and Chinese governments should urgently strengthen diplomatic and investigation coordination systems to block off these North Korean crimes at source.”