15kg Drugs Found in the Home of a Chairwoman of the Women’s Union

[imText1]A North Korean source informed that a large scale drug dealing enterprise had been discovered in the home of a high official in the city of Hoiryeong, North Hamkyung.

In an interview on the 24th, the source from Hoiryeong said “On Feb 24, 20 or so officials from the National Security Agency made a search warrant in the home (#42, Sanup-dong, Hoiryeong) of Suh Kyung Hee (49) Chairwoman of Hoiryeong City’s North Korean Democratic Women’s Union. On location, they found 15kg of drugs known as “ice,” US$30,000 and approx. 200,000 yuan (approx. US $645).”

In addition, Chairwoman Suh’s husband “K (former President of Maebong Company)” and daughter seemed to have led the drug organization and have been placed in custody by the National Security Agency. The National Security Agency has also arrested colleagues “P,” “J” from Maebong Company and 30 other people suspicious of being associated to “K” and the drugs that were being traded throughout Hoiryeong and China.

Maebong Company falls under the Department of the People’s Army and has its main office in Pyongyang and sub-branches throughout major cities of North Korea. The company exports goods such as seafood and medicinal herbs.

K’s driver indicts him to the district security agency

[imText2]It seems that Chairwoman Suh has yet to be charged as there has not been any direct sources to state that she had intervened in the selling or manufacture of drugs. However, since Chairwoman Suh was absent at the “2006 Hoiryeong City Evaluation Convention of the Women’ Union” on Feb 21st and at the rally co-sponsored by the Hoiryeong city committee under the Party on the 22nd, it seems that her duties have been suspended for now.

It appears that this case was unveiled by K’s driver ‘L’ who voluntarily appeared at the North Hamkyung security agency, affirming that Chairwoman Suh Kyung Hee’s family had built great wealth by selling drugs in China. At present, the driver L is undergoing investigations by North Hamkyung security agency.

Chairwoman Suh Kyung Hee was an advisor for North Korean Children’s Union of the Nammoon Elementary School in Hoiryeong and was one of the top figures known in Hoiryeong. The North Korean Democratic Women’s Union is equivalent to Kim Il Sung’s Socialist Youth League, two political groups which pave the way for the North Korean Workers Party.

Currently, Chairwoman Suh’s official position is a member of Hoiryeong City’s executive committee under the Workers Party and representative for Hoiryeong People’s Committee. Defectors from Hoiryeong say that the Hoiryeong Chairwoman falls in the top 5 powers in Hoiryeong.

“Maebong Company” run by Suh’s husband “K” was a well known enterprise in Hoiryeong. However, since last year, central authorities have been ordering companies sporadically earning foreign currency throughout the districts to amalgamate. Hence, the only companies to remain open in Hoiryeong were “Moran Company” and it is said that ‘Maebong Company’ where K used to be president has also shut down.

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