116,400 North Koreans Visit China

116,400 North Koreans visited China officially between January and September, 2011, according to new statistics released by the National Tourism Administration of China.

The statistics reveal that 55,000 of them visited to find work; 27,000 for a business trip; 3,000 were tourists; and 100 were visiting relatives. 24,000 did not record the purpose of their visit.

45,000 of them traveled by boat; 24,900 by airplane; 14,300 by train and 3,700 entered on foot.

The largest proportion was between the ages of 45 and 64 (52,000); 47,000 were between 24 and 44. 95,000 were men, and 14,900 were women.

According to the same statistics, the highest number of visitors to China in the same period came from South Korea (3.2 million trips), followed by Japan (2.6 million trips). Overall, North Korea ranks 11th out of the 15 countries in Asia.