[Photo] Chinese PLA holds loyalty oath ceremony near North Korean border

Daily NK has acquired images showing Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers participating in a loyalty oath ceremony near the border with North Korea. The event is thought to be in response to military tension on the Korean Peninsula.
According to the source who provided the images to Daily NK, hundreds of soldiers attended the event recently held in the mountains near Changbai, Jilin Province, near the North Korean border city of Hyesan. 
The source added that “the military is nervous about North Korea’s military provocations lately, so the ceremony was held to make the PLA soldiers promise to never abandon their posts and prepare to fight to the death to protect the nation.”
Besides the military, university students in China are also typically required to take part in boot camp training and allegiance-swearing ceremonies. However, this marks the first time that the Chinese authorities have conducted a war-related loyalty oath ceremony near the North Korean border. 
China notably stepped up its efforts in this regard following the November 29 Hwasong-15 ICBM test by North Korea. A statement in the local Chinese mouthpiece Jilin Daily referring to plans to build refugee camps along the border with North Korea as a “common-sense response” to their neighbor’s pursuit of nuclear weapons prompted many to question if there could be a war on the Korean Peninsula. 
A different source in China close to North Korean affairs also told Daily NK that “Chinese soldiers were seen moving towards the border last Saturday (December 9) in the Tumen region. Residents in the area are saying that it feels like a sign that war might actually break out.”
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