New 5,000km Ballistic Missile on Show in North Korea

Yang Jung A  |  2007-05-14 17:11
[imText1]On the 25th April, North Korea celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Peoples Army. A military parade was held on this day as well as the new intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) on show to the public, Asahi reported on the 13th.

The newspaper reported that the new missile had the ability to reach 5,000km but was unable to confirm whether or not tests had been made. Further specific details of the missile are also unknown.

However, since North Korea already launched a missile test last October, the launch of this warhead is high, revealed the report.

Apparently, 12 new missiles were displayed in the parade, but North Korean authorities denied any kind of photography or filming. However, the newspaper reported that the U.S. had confirmed through satellite pictures of the parade, that there had been a new missile and that both Korean and Japanese authorities had come to similar conclusions.

According to the U.S., the missile resembles the Russian 274 (RSM-25) missile otherwise known as the SSN-6. This missile can be launched from below the ground and has the ability to reach up to 5,000km, hence even reaching Guam.

However, North Koreas Nodong missile and the Taepodong missile seem to be of a different kind compared to the typical scud missile.

In addition, the U.S. informed that the last missile launched in North Hamkyung and stationed in Musudan-ri July last year which had a long range missile 6,700km had been renamed the Musudan missile due to its origins, instead of the Taepodong 2, reported the newspaper.

However, regarding this report, the U.S. denied any further comments.

Nevertheless, a Japanese government official observed that the new Nodong missile had greater modernized capacity, the newspaper said.
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