Anonymous Names 13 'High-level Military Cadres'

Park Seong Guk  |  2013-06-26 18:51
Today, international hacking team Anonymous revealed the details of 13 people it claims are high-level North Korean cadres, citing the release as evidence that they are capable of hacking into North Koreas key internet architecture.

The list, which includes Kwak Jong Gu, Kim Seok Il, Ri Cheol Seok and ten others, cites names, dates of birth and parts of phone numbers, as well as current locations.

Releasing the list, Anonymous described the thirteen as high-level North Korean military cadres; however, it is not clear that they can be described in that way. In particular, one of the individuals is in his mid-20s (born in 1989) and two are in their early 30s, making it unlikely that they are currently in the elite group.

The locations of all thirteen appear to reside outside North Korea: two list only mobile numbers with no location, while the remaining eleven are cited as residing in different areas of China, primarily Jilin Province, which borders North Korea.

Speaking via Twitter, one alleged member of Anonymous explained, We have obtained tens of thousands of important North Korean documents on things like missiles and weapons, before adding that the full collection of documents would be made available via the whistle-blowers site Wikileaks at the appropriate time.

The individual also claimed that it had been Anonymous intention to reveal the names of twenty North Korean officials on this occasion, but the identities of seven have yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, the individual also noted that Anonymous is ready to move forward with plans to employ the North Korean intranet for full internet access, warning, Preparation for access to the external World Wide Web through domestic North Korean intranet Gwangmyung is complete. We will implement it in accordance with North Koreas attitude.
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