World Must Face Down Byungjin Line

[imText1]To a proportion of experts and analysts, the Byungjin Line of simultaneous nuclear and people’s economic development, as announced by Kim Jong Eun at the end of March, represents a transformative change in Pyongyang’s approach to politics both at home and abroad.

However, to others, a group that includes Dr. Daniel Pinkston of the International Crisis Group, the new line is a dangerous step, forming part of North Korea’s long-term strategy to obtain acceptance as a nuclear power through a form of “India-type exceptionalism.”

In this, the latest of Daily NK’s featured Saturday Interviews, Dr. Pinkston discusses what is needed to stop North Korea achieving its nuclear goals, as well as outlining why he believes that Pyongyang has no desire to deviate from the Songun, or “military-first,” political line.