We Will Take Out Seoul!

The North Korean authorities have used recent people’s unit lectures to reveal news of South Korean maritime live fire exercises and threaten, “If even a single South Chosun shell falls on our territory, we will take Seoul out.”

This lecture relates to South Korean military exercises at 29 locations on its three coasts from December 6th to 12th.

A source from North Hamkyung Province reported to The Daily NK today, “In a people’s unit meeting held in a neighborhood of Hoiryeong on the evening of the 5th, the chairwoman of the unit explained the situation, then said, ‘In implementing live fire training from the 6th, South Chosun is making an open attempt to attack our republic once again, but supposing just one of the puppet’s bombs falls on our territory, we will take Seoul out.”

“The reason why our People’s Army attacked the South Chosun artillery base was because the South Chosun puppet military provoked us first across the West Sea Military Demarcation Line,” she went on, before asserting, “The self-defensive measures of our People’s Army were a fair reaction.”

The chairwoman further added, “Even though South Chosun’s Lee Myung Bak told Obama of the U.S., ‘we are going to war, so help us,’ even Obama dealt with South Chosun sarcastically, saying ‘didn’t it happen because you irritated them first?’”

“South Chosun now faces a troubled situation since they started the firing,” she said, before reiterating, “It is the resolve of our People’s Army, following the General, to take Seoul out if South Chosun does not suspend its military training.”

At the end of the meeting, she emphasized, “Since the current situation is extremely tense, you have to live lives appropriate to that tension.”

Meanwhile, Chosun Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Sunday, “The U.S. and its puppets should not act blindly and celebrate the kind of devastating aftermath that will be brought about by their provocative military maneuvers.”

This series of actions by the North Korean authorities are aimed at reinforcing internal solidarity by raising a warlike atmosphere. Especially when the North seems weak in relation to South Korea, Pyongyang fears this could cause societal weakness to spread.

The source reported the atmosphere of the people accordingly, saying, “The people in the meeting of the people’s unit seemed to be quite shocked because the situation has grown unsettled recently.”