Typhoon Bolaven Bearing Down on Korea

With one of the largest storms seen for years bearing down upon the Korean Peninsula, both Koreas have today warned of the potential for danger.

Chosun Central News Agency reported on the approach of ‘Typhoon Bolaven’ this afternoon, saying, “Typhoon-15 is now moving northwestward at a velocity of 12km/h, as of 09:00 Thursday.”

“It is expected to come to the sea off Shanghai, China on around August 27th and move northward along the west coastal area of Korea before reaching the Chinese northeastern region on the evening of August 28th. The typhoon-15 will trigger strong wind and heavy rains in overall areas of Korea on August 27th and 28th,” the brief report added.

According to South Korea’s meteorological authorities, meanwhile, Typhoon Bolaven was 460km south of Sogwipo, the largest city on the south coast of Jeju Island, at 12PM today, moving at 34km/h in a north-northwesterly direction. It appears set to make landfall over Hwanghae Province in North Korea late on the afternoon of the 28th.

With that particular region only just recovering from serious flooding, the typhoon is likely to be an unwelcome, and damaging, addition to what has been a difficult summer.