Special Education of ThoseTraveling Abroad

[imText1]The document ordering special ideological education of the people traveling to abroad that came down from the North Korean Worker’s Party had been found.

The DailyNK obtained the document of order with title of, “Border Control Workers Must Plan the Education Program for the Residents Going on Private Visits Abroad.” It orders to educate those traveling to China for private reasons.

Education specially on Religious Contact or Smuggling Recordings

The document contains reasoning of education, identified as; enemies hiding in the neighbor countries are targeting individual travelers, some of the travelers’ actions bring harm to the nation’s dignity, and that some travelers do whatever they can to earn money. For these reasons, it is an “important matter” to educate these people.

The report says, recently enemies have been accompanying the evil transgressors to South Korea (the defectors who defected to South Korea) and have been targeting individual travelers, buying their hearts with bribes or illegal ways.

“According to a customs officer, many of the individual travelers carry cold and worn out clothes not good enough to be worn in their bags.”

“One traveler was caught in the office for taking a CD and recording tapes without any thinking because an unknown person gave him some money and asked him to take in those things to North Korea.”

About this kind of phenomenon, the document further orders, ▲ It must be taught that we will win no matter what because we have Kim Jong Il and military-first politics ▲ It must be taught so the people have national dignity ▲The people must be taught about anti-republic force forming in the border area and neighbor countries, and ▲ The people must be taught to do good and right things for the state and the nation..

Frequent Order to Educate the People Traveling Abroad

In North Korea, you have to receive ideological education at the military security agency at least two hours a day for a week.

In June 2003, Moon Gui Shik (age 52, defected to South Korea in 2004) applied for a passport to visit his relative living in China. “Before we go to China we are educated to go to our relatives and propagate (or teach them) the greatness of ‘Great Leader’, but the security officers know that if we really propagate it to our relatives, we will be ridiculed. In the end, to avoid such boring education, we have to bribe them,” Moon said.

Moon said he promised the security agency to buy them a CD player, his workplace to bring a sewing machine and only then he was able to receive a permit to travel abroad.

The document obtained is four pages long, published by North Korean Worker’s Party in July 2004. It is known that the government of North Korea frequently sends out such documents of order.

The document had been distributed in all the regional and municipal offices as well as work places, and is only to be taken out by the party cell secretaries and General Federation of Trade Union, Socialist Working Youth League, Korean Democratic Women’s Union and officers at the level of committee cadres or above. In the document, it states, “the responsible party organizations must penetrate all the offices and make sure to collect all the documents back.”

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