Slight Drop in Price of Rice in Musan, North Hamkyong Province

Price of Rice in Musan Area located in North Hamkyong Province slightly decreased compared to last month.

According to Choi Young Gul whom The DailyNK met in Helong, China, market price in Musan until June 12 was 900won for 1kilo of rice, 400won for 1kg of corn powder, 550won for 1kg flour, and 400won for a cabbage.

For the price of rice, which cost up to 950won per kilo in June, fell down by 50won per kilo and corn powder by 30won.

Other prices in the market were : 220won per 1kg of pork meat, 1,250won per kilo of sugar, 1,200 1kg of artificial seasoning, and 2150won per 1kg of bean oil.

Furthermore, summer underclothes cost up to 4,000won a piece and over 5,000won for a T-shirt.

A bowl of corn noodle (including pickled radish) cost as low as 100won in the markets in Musan area.

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