Sea of Blood at Kim Il Sung Politics University

A number of elite officials have been executed for watching South Korean and obscene materials, an inside source from the North Korean capital has reported to Daily NK.

The source from Pyongyang reported on November 28th, “In late October a total of eight people were executed by firing squad at Kim Il Sung Political University.” The eight individuals reportedly include Ministry of Public Security branch heads from both Nampo and Suncheon. According to the source, “I hear they were caught watching South Korean TV programs and videos featuring nude women.”

“Recent surveillance got more serious after the release of a public notice stating that any person caught viewing materials not officially broadcast on TV would face the severest punishment,” the source went on. “Since the investigation is being carried out at the level of the National Security Agency, there’s no mercy, even for cadres.”

Musing on the choice of execution venue, the grounds of Kim Il Sung Political University, the source said, “The reason why they did it at the political university was because they didn’t want to have ordinary people seeing it, but did want to send a vicious and very direct warning to all future cadres to show what could happen if they oppose the system.”

According to the source, the NSA has lately been conducting random searches of homes to check for foreign CDs, USB memory sticks and illicit films. Technicians with a team known as “Bureau 27” of the National Security Agency, a team trained in electromagnetic wave detection, are allegedly playing a leading role.

Meanwhile, explaining the results of the violence in broader North Korean society beyond the capital, the source explained, “In a situation like this, where word-of-mouth says that even elite officials are getting killed, ordinary people start acting ultra cautiously; we stop visiting neighbours or anything. For people who lived through the Arduous March of the 1990s and so witnessed untold deaths, there is the worry that the executions portend another ‘sea of blood’.”

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