Safety Agents Beat Drunken Citizen to Death

Agents from the People’s Safety Agency beat a drunken Shinuiju resident to death in early February.

An inside source reported on the 2nd of March that traffic agents from the Shinuiju Safety Agency beat and killed a drunken man during the Lunar New Year holiday. His relatives and family were outraged, vowing to “tear off their [the agents] epaulettes and kill them.”

“Conflicts and quarrels between traders and managers or safety agents in the jangmadang are becoming more heated,” relayed the source. People have been displaying growing displeasure towards government officials and apparatchiks recently.

[The following is the transcript of a telephone conversation with the source]

– When did the attack and murder happen?

“In early February. It happened at the traffic control office of the Safety Agency in Yukjeon-Dong, Shinuiju. Around 10 P.M., the two agents took a drunken pedestrian, seen stumbling around the streets, into their office.”

– How did the pedestrian die?

“When they got to the office, the drunken man started cursing and swearing at the agents. The angry agents attacked him. He died and the agents reported his crimes to his family. He was accused of criticizing the regime and obstructing the performance of official duties.”

– Is it certain that he died as a result of the attack?

“A witness who was in the office when the incident occurred told me this story. The family reported the agents to the provincial headquarters of the Safety for excessive suppression and murder by willful negligence.”

“However, the investigation by the provincial Safety Agency had been dragged on in order to protect the agents. The family aggressively complained and tried to appeal to the Party.”

– Why did they try to appeal to the Party and not the People’s Safety Agency?

“Citizens generally report struggles or quarrels to the Safety Agency, but if something severe happens, they appeal to the prosecution bureau of the Central Committee of the Party in the hopes of getting a rapid answer.”

– How do people feel about the power of public institutions?

“These days in the jangmadang, conflicts between traders and managers or safety agents are getting serious. They yell at and fight with each other. The residents are not afraid of the agents, compared to the past. It seems that people’s resentment towards the absurdity of the regime is growing.”