Rumor Says Last Instructions to Be Made Public

A rumor circulating among North Korean foreign currency earning workers in China is that the contents of Kim Jong Il’s ‘last instructions’ will be revealed on the late leader’s birthday, the 16th.

One such person, whom Daily NK met in Shenyang, explained, “They say that the General’s ‘last instructions’ will be publicly released on Gwangmyungsung Day,” adding, “I am sure it will say that ‘the people must be one with comrade Kim Jong Eun and open the doors to the strong and prosperous nation’.”

“The first priority for the ‘last instructions’ will be to gather around comrade Kim Jong Eun with one heart; second, to build a strong and prosperous nation, and last the reunification of the fatherland,” the source went on. “As in the past when the Suryeong passed away, the ‘leadership of the last instructions’ will carry on for some time.”

However, it is the role of Jang Sung Taek that is attracting more attention than whether or not the last instructions are made public, the source claimed.

“If the General’s ‘last instructions’ are revealed this time, Vice Chairman Jan Sung Taek’s position will become much stronger,” he said. “I am sure the main point of the contents of the General’s ‘last instructions’ is, ultimately, to support comrade Kim Jong Eun enthusiastically, but who in the Republic will do that expect Jang?”

The main foreign currency earning lines in China and Malaysia are all stocked with Jang Sung Taek’s people, sources claim. While North Korea has been solidifying Kim Jong Eun’s power domestically, among front line foreign currency earners it is said that the competition is actually over loyalty to Jang.

Such people are very powerful, the source claimed, explaining, “We have to go back to North Korea every six months to a year for ideological education if we leave the country for two years, but those under Jang Sung Taek have the authority to extend the period without return to two or three years.”

“There is even a growing trend among workers (under Jang Sung Taek) to bring their children with them when they go abroad”. It has been long practice for the North Korean regime to keep the children of diplomats and workers in North Korea, to ensure ongoing loyalty.

Coincidentally, it is not only Jang himself who wields great power in North Korea. His late older brother Jang Sung Woo’s second son Jang Yong Chul is the current North Korean Ambassador to Malaysia, a position he has held since 2010, and his first son is working for the Committee for the Promotion of Economic Cooperation. His son-in-law Jeon Young Jin was appointed North Korean Ambassador to Cuba on the 4th of last month.