Regime Defamed, End Spread of False Rumors

[imText1]Recently, North Korean authorities have been going to great attempts to inhibit the infiltration of radio broadcasts, TV’s and VCD’s which defame the regime.

A shortwave broadcast FreeNK recently obtained a North Korean soldier’s lecture materials and revealed on the 12th “As North Korea’s economy deteriorates so too has control over society and hence the rapid spread of a free world of culture. As rumors criticizing the regime elevates, each unit is trying to strengthen internal regulation with ideology training.”

The People’s Army’s lecture materials provided by the Chosun People’s Army Press contained information stating “Let’s ruin all the anti-forces who are spreading false rumors and trying to create confusion throughout the people and authorities.”

The materials introduced Kim Jong Il’s schemes “Currently, the foes urge the reactionary forces hidden from within to incite an uproar and spread all kinds of fabricated rumors.”

The official document mentioned that, “The radio and television and specifically copied materials, CD’s and written materials are ingeniously crafting false lies.”

It continued “In order to make us believe these unwholesome lies as truth, these enemies are revealing the exact time and date such as ‘A political conflict arose within North Korea’ announcing the news as an ‘objective report.’”

The document contained “They frequently approached people like tradesman, travelers, and skilled workers that were entering and exiting North Korea in order to persuade them to spread negative perceptions.”

One worthless spy who was educated by South Korea on theoretical education and terrorism crawled back into our country scheming to circulate all that he has learned form South Korean puppet government.

Regarding this, Lee Joo Yeok (pseudonym) who defected to South Korea in 2004 said “When I was in the army, there was a time I saw a sheet of paper that came from South Korea” and “North Koreans are so wary of any written materials from outside to the extent that when this sheet of paper was removed, it was stuck at the end of barbed wire and then taken away.”

Lee said “Since the late 90’s, Chinese and Korean culture has rapidly entered North Korea through China” and “It is an open secret that youths share and watch copies of Korean dramas and movies. Hence, as these cases become more popular, it is no wonder authorities are trying to regulate a large scale.”

The enemies’ rumors were created to shake the absolute faith of the military and people in the core of their leader’s group, to break down the belief in our style of socialist system and to produce an atmosphere of terror and unrest in North Korean society.

He said “Strengthening and equipping ideologies and policies is a decisive act by authorities to exhaustively crush these rumors” and explained “First of all, we must all participate in education through political training and lectures without fail.”