Prison Break! North Korea Claims Fabricated Scheme by the South

[imText1]On the 5th, the DailyNK reported that a mass group of prisoners had escaped “concentration camp 16” in Hwasung in which the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland denied on the 9th that there was any evidence to support the claim.

The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland, a committee which represents the Korea Workers Party and operates in opposition to the South strongly disputed the case.

In a conversation with the Central News Agency, a spokesperson refuted the claims made by the DailyNK, “There is absolutely no evidence to support the report which alleges that prisoners had escaped a concentration camp in Hwasung, North Hamkyung last month. The report that North Korean authorities are on the hunt for arrest is a fabricated scheme.”

“It is not the first time this kind of strategic report has been made” the spokesperson said and asserted “Right now, the U.S. and South Korea’s right wing forces are going to extreme efforts trying curtail the victories of our republic.”

The fact that the Committee made such a counteractive response to a southern report is a signal on its own which suggests that the incident did actually take place. Until now, there have been times where North Korean authorities had shown a silent attitude to cases which it considered false.

It seems that North Korea is wary that this case may spread especially at a time where the international community has been enforcing greater pressures on human rights and the North Korea Human Rights Resolution recently passed by the U.N. last December.

The spokesperson continued “the U.S. and South Korea rightists must end this futile play as the more they hold onto this anti-republic stratagem, will only result in more tension on the Korean Peninsula and negative influences on the improvement on North and South relationship” and argued raising his voice “You will have to take complete responsibility for all the effects incurred from this anti-republic stratagem!”