Peaceful Reunification through War

The propaganda North Korean Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland (CPT) yesterday warned that if the U.S. or South Korean military shoots down or gathers the debris from its ‘Unha-3’ rocket launch, “We will firmly punish them with a ruthless, exterminatory attack.”

A spokesman for the CPT proclaimed, “The traitorous puppet faction, in collusion with the U.S., has mobilized the tools of war such as surveillance facilities, missiles and an Aegis destroyer to track the movement of our satellite launch vehicle and has threatened to intercept the falling debris.”

The spokesman continued, “Stating that one will intercept a peaceful satellite launch soon becomes an act of war and will bring terrible consequences,” he went on. “If they invade even an inch of our airspace or territorial waters, intercept or mess around trying to collect any of our satellite launch debris, we will firmly punish them.”

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