North Sends Big Hitters to Asian Games Finale

It has been announced that three senior
members of the North Korean ruling elite are to visit Incheon for the culmination of the 17th Asian Games, which takes place tonite.

The three are some of the best known figures in the North Korean ruling structure: the director of the General
Political Department of the Chosun People’s Army, Hwang Pyong So, Secretary Choe
Ryong Hae of the Chosun Workers’ Party, and the director of the United
Front Department of the Party, Kim Yang Geon.

According to a Ministry of Unification
briefing held moments ago, the three are to depart Pyongyang at 09:00,
travelling directly to Seoul by air. They are scheduled to return to the North Korean capital tonite. It is expected that Kim will meet Minister of Unification Ryoo Kihl Jae during the day.

From left; Hwang Pyong So, Choe Ryong Hae, and Kim Yang Geon. | Image: Yonhap